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Welcome to the BCA-lab

The BCA-lab is a laboratory service provider that is structurally affiliated to BCA-clinic Betriebs GmbH & Co. KG in Augsburg, Germany. Founded in 2006, the laboratory offers special diagnostics for the spectrum of vector-borne diseases.

Our customers benefit from the symbiosis between the laboratory and the therapeutically active physicians. The BCA-lab’s range of services is continually adapted to suit the necessary diagnostic requirements, therapy monitoring and all relevant research.

We have several partners and institutions with whom we cooperate, including clinics, laboratories and medical practices from many countries around the world.

The development of diagnostic methods – combined with a close connection to the development of therapies for multi-system diseases – is to increase in the coming years, via research work at the BCA-lab.

Lyme disease therapy

Up-to-date information on BCA and the treatment of Lyme disease

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The opinion of our patients is important to us

I cannot express how grateful I am for giving me the opportunity to regain my life and health. Your support and encouragement and continued belief in me has been incredible. I will be forever grateful for all that you’ve done for me and I will never forget how caring and helpful all the staff have been during my time here at BCA.
S.K. Australia, June 2015
I will not say "sorry" but THANK YOU. I arrived without really knowing what to expect... And then the whole staff welcomes you warmly, smiles at you, encourages you every day. Finally, you are simply taken care of. You have come to the right place. Today I am in better shape once again. I'm a person again! Thank you for this.
Sandrine, France, 17.02.2017
To everyone reading this:  My name is Jeanne, I'm 17 years old. My health has been deteriorating for six years. Thanks to the BCA-clinic, the diagnosis has been made: Lyme + co-infections. I would like to thank Dr. Nicolaus and his team for their knowledge and continuous monitoring over the past three weeks. I recommend this therapy to anyone who needs it. Thank you for everything. Keep the atmosphere positive! xxx
Jean F., France, 23.09.2016