Covid-19 Testing

In response to the Covid19 crisis, the BCA-lab is supporting global efforts to expand the availability of public health testing by offering both PCR swab tests and antibody blood tests for COVID-19 Coronavirus.

The BCA-lab has established itself over the years as a leading lab in Europe for the diagnostics and testing of infectious diseases.

Reliable tests for Covid19 Coronavirus are in short demand globally and it has been reported in global news reports that there are many unreliable tests failing many countries and healthcare systems.

We have been working to provide access to accurate and reliable tests for healthcare practitioners, private businesses and individual citizens across Europe.

Our role is to help get countries back to work as quickly and as safely as possible. The best and safest way to do that according to the German government and World Health Organisation is to continue with a high level of testing amongst our national population.

This process of continual testing will continue for most countries around the world until we have a successful Covid19 vaccine in place.

Our role here at the BCA-lab is to provide continual testing and diagnostic support to those that need it.

Our laboratory scientists and technicians have worked to locate and identify one of the best tests available on the market to support the effort to identify, isolate and contain the spread of Covid19 Coronavirus.

What type of Covid19 testing do you offer?

After rigorous testing and laboratory validation we now have in stock test kits provided to us by one of the world leaders in diagnostic testing; Euroimmun.

We are able to offer you:

  • PCR Swab test kit (nasal swab)
  • Covid19 ELISA antibody test kit (blood test)

In addition to the provision of the test kits, we offer a complete service of analysis and we email you the test results within 2 days of receiving your patient samples.

Euroimmun test kits have one of the highest accuracy rates on the market and we are continuing to partner with them in stocking the latest Covid19 testing methods as they become available.

We are able to offer the PCR swab test kits and Covid19 ELISA antibody test for any medical practitioners, health service, private organisation or individual patients.

If you are a key or essential worker, football club or any other business or organisation looking to test their employees or customers and patients, we are able to guide you by providing you full support through the testing process.

What exactly is Coronavirus testing?

Below is a short two-minute video by the Reality Check correspondent for the BBC, Chris Morris.  We are sharing this video as it is an excellent and simple explanation about what testing entails, the 2 tests available (nasal swab test and antibody/blood test) and how testing helps to beat the virus.  Please note that this has been produced by the BBC and shared only by the BCA-lab. We do not take any credit for it.

Coronavirus Testing Video

CoVID-19 Real Time PCR Saliva Test-Kit

The nasal swab and saliva test that we are offering here at the BCA-lab is the CoVID-19 PCR test, by the German company Euroimmun.

It is considered to be one of the best and most accurate on the market. This PCR method (Polymerase Chain Reaction) of testing can be used to directly detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus in infected people by using a throat or nose swab.

Read more about the PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus on our recent blog post.


For guidance on how to do a self-swab test of nasal and throat:

Here below is a You Tube video produced by Barts Health NHS Trust (St Bartholomew’s Hospital), with Dr Johnathan Lamborne, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Consultant demonstrating how to conduct a nasal and throat self-swab test. Please note that this has been produced by the Barts Health NHS Trust and shared only by the BCA-lab. We do not take any credit for it.


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For guidance on how to do a nasal and throat swab test on a patient:

Here below is a You Tube video produced by the The New England Journal of Medicine demonstrating the collection of nasopharyngeal specimens with the swab technique. Please note that credit for this video is to: Francisco M. Marty, MD, Brigham & Women’s Hospital with assistance from Kelly A. Verrill, B.S., and Timothy W. Valenti, B.A.


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Covid19 ELISA antibody test (blood test)

The ELISA antibody test offered by the BCA-lab by the German company Euroimmun.

It has an incredibly high level of accuracy at 85% and a specificity of 99% making it the most reliable testing kit available that our BCA-lab team has validated.

The ELISA antibody test is a simple blood test, conducted just like any other routine blood test.

The IgG/IgA and IgG/IgM anti-body test that we run is able to identify post-exposure immunity in patients, and to provide information about whether the patient has been exposed to Covid-19.

The ELISA antibody test is an extremely useful test to run on a patient if it has been 14 days or more since patients have shown symptoms and suspect that they might have Covid19.

Read more about the benefits of an ELISA antibody test for SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus on our recent blog post.

How do you return test kits to the BCA-lab for analysis?

We recommend using DHL Medical Express who provide an excellent service and guaranteed overnight delivery. DHL will even pick up from home addresses.

DHL Courier costs per package are €60 to €70 for delivery. Each DHL Overpack bag can transport a number of tests which, if you are testing multiple people at the same time, can reduce your transport costs per kit.

All test kits sent out by us are provided with clear instructions on how to do the test, package it and return it to us.

How quickly do you process the tests?

Once you have taken the test samples, we require you to return the samples to the BCA-lab within 72 hours of the sample being taken.

Once we receive the samples, it takes a maximum of 2 working days to complete the testing and return the results to you. Results are provided to you by email to an email address you provide when you complete the Laboratory Order Form.


We can do onsite testing in your offices for you!

If you located in the Augsberg area of Germany, close to our BCA-lab facility we are also able to offer visits to your offices by our nurses to run the tests, or we can arrange for you to come to our BCA-lab facility and have the test done here with us on site.  Please contact us on: +49 821 455 9820  or email:

How do I buy kits?

The process of ordering the kits is very simple.  You purchase the number you need and we send them out to you as a bulk delivery on an overnight courier.

If you are interested in more information regarding these testing kits, or would like to place an order please call:


Outside Germany – Ivor Cowan on: +44 (0)7813 646 723 or email:


Within Germany – BCA-lab: +49 821 455 9820 or email:


What if I have questions about the kits or how to conduct the tests?

Please feel free to call our BCA-lab Monday-Friday 8am-5pm on +49 821 455 9820  or email: and we will be happy to help you.

We also have a few articles in the news section of our website if you are interested in further information: