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International analysis of Lyme treatment costs shows: BCA-clinic’s cost structure is moderate for patients!

We asked a group of students from the University of Augsburg and the LMU Munich to conduct a benefit-oriented study on behalf of the BCA-clinic and to compare the cost-benefit ratio of several medical practices that specialize in tick-borne diseases.

The study compares several medical practices around the world using publicly available information.

This proved to be a methodological challenge as the understanding of medical services and their invoicing structures varies in different countries, which meant that many values could not be compared directly.

Overall, the study showed that the cost of any therapeutic approach to tick-borne diseases is considerably higher in the USA than in Europe.

However, even within Europe, the BCA-clinic’s invoicing structure proves to be affordable and transparent due to its commitment to the official German Clearing System for Medical Services (GOÄ).


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